The Wedding Party

Best Friends

Because we had our wedding out of state and our reception three weeks later, our wedding party was pretty unique in that it had some small changes between the events.

For the wedding, Alex’s older brother Adam was a groomsman. Anna’s friend Casey wasn’t able to make it, so we are very honored to have Alex’s grandmother Diane stand in as a bridesmaid for her.

For the reception, Anna’s friend Katy (who flew in from Missouri for the wedding) wasn’t able to make it and neither could Adam (in person that is). The solution, once again, involved Diane standing in as a bridesmaid for Katy while carrying Adam who was with us via Skype.

The Pictures in the aquarium were taken by the indescribably AMAZING Black Box Photography of Cleveland, Ohio.

The pictures below the aquarium pictures were taken just before the reception in the 35 degree October weather. Really sorry ladies!

Photo Credit: © Black Box Photography


Photo Credit: Carrie Huhn