Our Videos

Countdown to Surprise Wedding

For 18 months, we took pictures together on the seventh day of each month to countdown to the wedding. Chris helped us put the pictures together in this video which was first played the day after our wedding following Sunday church service.

Sunday morning, Alex and Anna were absent from service because they stayed in Cleveland the night of their wedding. To excuse this, Alex instructed their families to simply tell anyone asking about the couple’s whereabouts that, at the restaurant they ate at the night before, Alex and Anna had ordered the same thing from the menu (truth), but this morning, they felt really weird (truth), and didn’t think they would be able to lead worship that day (truth).

While services were going on though, Alex and Anna were making the drive to the church building in Grand Ledge. When they arrived, they snuck into a side door and waited in a back room. When service was over, it was announced that Alex and Anna had a special video that they wanted to share with the congregation. It was then that this video was presented and the couple appeared at the end to a very shocked and happy family in Christ.

 (And if you’re wondering, our “14 months” picture is with Josh Sturm (we were waiting for Lacey, but she never came back out after the concert) and the “1 year” photo is with Skillet!)

Surprise Wedding

This is it, the wedding ceremony! In this couple’s opinion, it is the coolest one ever!
This video was created by Video Memories of Cleveland Ohio. If you ever need video recording services in the Cleveland area, look Video Memories up! They are fantastic to work with, very friendly, and they make sure that you get what you want!

Best Man’s Toast and the Forgotten Vest

Here is the best man’s speech at the reception, followed by the story that is proof of how amazing the couple’s friends are. The video starts out with the toast and the story of the most stressful moment of the wedding day begins at about 8:00.
The final surprise of the whole shebang! with a cumulative rehearsal time of roughly an hour, the mother and son, put together this number that not even the bride was aware of! With a brief practice session in the parking lot of Ionia Meijer and a few times through it the night before the reception, Alex and his mom put a finishing touch on this intricate masterpiece. Skip to about 2:20 if you get too bored in the beginning.